Tillerson Just Dropped A Nuke On The DC Swamp, Liberals Are FURIOUS!

If nothing else, the Trump presidency has exposed the “deep state” government that exists in Washington. It’s not a government of, by, and for the American people, it exists only for itself. Trump has threatened its existence and, though it’s been slow going, his administration is finally draining the swamp in Washington.

Everyone knows that the federal government is a bloated, morbidly obese oppressive governing body. Presidents have come and gone promising reform and cut backs, but delivering neither. If anything, the last twenty plus years have seen the bureaucracy of DC swelling to a size that would make it virtually unrecognizable to past generations.

President Donald Trump has vowed to cut out the deadwood in the government and he has delivered so far. Starting with the Executive Branch, Trump ended many useless posts, canceled useless projects and scaled back the growth of other billets.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, The Hill reports, is now doing the same with his department. In particular, Tillerson is aiming to put an end to the existence of many “special envoys” doing nothing and collecting paychecks.

The Hill writes that the special envoys “get their own staffs and their own budgets. And if a special envoy’s mission is unnecessary or outdated, if it overlaps and duplicates functions provided by other State Department desks… So what? They’re ‘special,’ so they get to play ambassador whether they’re making any demonstrable progress toward advancing America’s interests or not.”

These are the poster children of career statists who seem only to act when it undermines what is best for America. No wonder they exploded in numbers during the past eight years.

“During the Obama administration, special envoys multiplied like rabbits. Eliminating or consolidating many of these posts can streamline the department significantly, reducing waste and improving the coherence of agency functions,” states The Hill.

Tillerson is said to be ready to eliminate 9 envoys, with plans for scrapping 26 more. This is how a swamp gets drained, gallon by gallon at a time.

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