After Reporter Called Trump a ‘White Supremacist’ For Ending DACA, Watch Tucker Carlson Embarrass Her on Live TV

Tucker Carlson started his show last night with a segment that is going viral. He responded to an MSNBC Reporter (and others) making the baseless claim that President Trump is a racist because he is ending Obama’s DACA amnesty for illegal aliens .

The liberal media went insane yesterday when President Trump announced that he was ending DACA and Tucker had seen enough. An MSNBC reporter said Trump ended DACA to “advance the White Supremacy agenda,” and Tucker UNLOADED on her. (Video Below)

Tucker exposed how Obama and the media said DACA was enacted to protect small children from deportation, and this was ALL propaganda. DACA gave amnesty to young adults and older teenagers, AND gave them access to welfare. Tucker also explained why Democrats want DACA so badly. He said, “[Democrats] concluded that mass immigration means new and reliable voters and that means more power for them. If they need to subvert the rule of law to get that power, they will and they have.”

Tucker showed how the liberal media propaganda is working, playing a clip of illegal aliens chanting “no borders, no wall, f*ck deportation.” But tucker didn’t stop there. He ended by saying the 1 thing that exposes the mainstream media’s SICK plan. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make this go viral!

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