Muslims Are Boycotting Starbucks Because Of The Company’s Support Of LGBT

Here is the problem with identity politics. When you split people into groups like that, even the left will turn against each other.

The leftist advocacy organization Starbucks, also known by selling coffee is learning this lesson the hard way.

The CEO of Starbucks opened several coffee shops in Malaysia and Indonesia, to show the acceptance of migrants. But shortly after doing so he was shocked to find out how these new customers welcomed him.

Several Muslim organizations are boycotting Starbucks and demanding the coffee chain’s license for work in the countries to be annulled because of the company’s support of LGBT. It’s such a shock to find out that Islamists hate homosexuals.

While the Trump administration is doing a good job, the fractures on the left become more evident. Islamists fighting with gays. Pro-life gays fighting with pro-choice gays, Anti-Israel thugs fighting gay Jews, Blacks fighting Latinos, social justice warriors fighting everyone who commits “thought crime”.

And I think is just fun to watch them.

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