“I Don’t Give A Sh*t If I Ever Work Again”, Scott Baio Just Risked Everything To Blast Trump Haters

Former Charles in Charge star Scott Baio knows he is facing an uphill battle when it comes to speaking louder than his fellow Hollywood celebrities who keep trying to knock down Republican President Donald Trump in knee-jerk liberal fashion.

Scott Baio recently spoke to entertainment trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter about his support for President Donald Trump and about Democrats in the business. Commented Baio sharply, “I don’t give a shit about Hollywood liberals.” He added about the president, “If he cured cancer, they’d be on him for putting oncologists out of business.”

The magazine also talked about the secret organization of conservatives in Hollywood called the Friends of Abe, and described how all the negative attention paid to Trump by late-night hosts and liberal comedians have only made them support the president Trump.

Stated Baio, “All this does is help Trump because people have had it. Conservatives in Hollywood have had it. We know who Trump is, and we don’t believe the propaganda, and I don’t think most of the country does, either. The media is almost irrelevant. It’s predictable and boring. I want the man to get his agenda through, and everything else is a sideshow.”

Fellow conservative actor James Woods recently tweeted about the hardships Hollywood conservatives face, saying, “While #Liberals scream about the 50’s blacklist, my #Repub actor friends are terrified of losing their ability to provide for their families.” Baio, however, is defiant, and doubled down on his very vocal support for Trump and his agenda. Said Scott in the interview, “I don’t give a shit if I ever work again. My country comes first. I guess I’m just an old, angry, successful white guy who stole everything he has from someone else.” Are you glad Baio is courageous enough to speak out?

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